i3Synergist provides a whole suite of services as it pertains to supply chain management. We work with our client to find customized solutions that provide operational cost advantage, 24×7 coverage of critical parts, and wider geographical foot-print. With offices in USA and India, i3Synergist is the right partner with access to South East Asia and Americas suppliers. Our experienced engineers at i3Synergist brings world-class knowledge from high-technology equipment industry, manufacturing fabs, and complex supply chain handling. Some of the key areas of support include:

  • Supplier Compliance
    Programs for score card, new supplier onboarding, conflict materials compliance and beyond.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Provide sourcing and alternative supply chain backed by our in-house engineering expertise and knowledge of major sub-systems.
  • Quality Management Services
    Onsite and remote supplier quality management at any point in the value chain such as new supplier selection, QMS audits, part quality and process qualification.